Inocuivre VIP Frypans with bronze handle

These frying pans in stainless-lined copper prove perfect for frying and searing using medium-power heat sources, for flambéing food, and give a perfect appearance on the table. The skirt is stainless steel on the inside, which makes for easy upkeep and removes the need for re-tinning. The bronze handle is firmly riveted.
Ref.DesignDiam. cmL.cmw. cmTh. mmKg.
6450.20Round frypan - 1,2 mm th200020.94
6450.22Round frypan - 1,2 mm th220021.04
6450.26Round frypan - 1,2 mm th260021.47
6450.30Round frypan - 1,2 mm th300021.6
6452.32Oval frypan - 1,2 mm th030201.21.03
6452.36Oval frypan - 1,2 mm th035231.21.29
Frypans with bronze handle
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