Various utensils Automatic piston funnel, all parts stainless steel

Made entirely from stainless, including nuts, wing nuts, spring... for perfect hygiene.
Completely leakproof in the closed position: for creams, sauces, or liqueurs... Its ease of use makes it the universal kitchen and bakery tool for :
- Garnishing plates with sauces,
- Pouring jelly into a dish,
- Filling small quiches,
- Filling blini pans with batter,
- Filling chocolate shells with liqueur, etc.
Ref.DesignDiam. cmH. cmTh. mmL.Kg.
3354.00Automatic piston funnel alone 1,9 L.191811.90.61
3354.01Stand for piston funnel or strainer ø19/21 cm015600.17
3354.02Automatic piston funnel with stand 1,9 L.191811.90.78
3354.10Automatic piston funnel alone 1,5 L.17.516.511.50.55
3354.12Automatic piston funnel with stand 1,5 L.17.516.511.50.72
3354.92Central closed nut00000
3354.93Wing nut00000
3354.95Set of two nozzles - 4 and 6 mm00000
3354.99Mechanism 1,9 L (piston, tie bar, lever, spring)00000
Automatic piston funnel, all parts stainless steel

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