Poêle à crêpes amovible MINERAL B sans queue


The MINERAL B crêpe pan has a specially designed low side to easily flip and turn over crêpes. Iron is ideal for making truly crispy and tasty crêpes. The fry pan becomes naturally non-stick the more it is used thanks to the seasoning process. The extra-strong iron of this pan is suitable for intense sources of heat, including induction. The MINERAL B pan will be part of your kitchenware for decades, as long as you follow the specific instructions to use and clean the iron utensils.

Internal dimensions
Ref Diam Long Larg Haut Cap
5635.26 26.5 0 0 1.6 0
External dimensions
Ref Diam Long Larg Haut Cap
5635.26 30.5 0 0 22.5
Maintenance & compatibility
Lavage à la main
Lavage à la main
  • Heat source - Tous feux et flash four
  • Material - Mild steel
User manual
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