Ice cream scoop with thermoactive handle


Ice cream scoop with thermoactive handle View

Ice-cream scoop in cast aluminium with eutectic handle system.
Ergonomic handle for easy and comfortable grip.
Eutectic handle that radiates heat from your hand and warms the spoon: enables you to make beautiful perfectly round ice-cream balls of Ø 4.5cm.
Has a non-drip edge for a clean job.
Flat base for greater stability when portioning ice-cream on the work surface.
Care: wash by hand. Not dishwasher-safe.

Available variations

Code Désignation H (cm) L (cm) l (cm) Lt (cm) lt (cm) P (kg)
4815.00N Largeur boule 4,5 cm 3 5,6 4 17,5 4,3 0,1