INOCUIVRE, brass handles


INOCUIVRE, brass handles

Copper on the outside skirt enables excellent heat diffusion. Inner stainless steel replaces tin, eliminates the need to re-tin and facilitates maintenance.
Beware of scams: some utensils presented as stainless steel copper have a thin veneer of copper and none of its culinary qualities. The copper-stainless steel INOCUIVRE DE BUYER is an assurance of quality cooking with a material composed of 90% copper and 10% stainless steel, a single-piece skirt and bottom. This material diffuses heat evenly and quickly: not only on the bottom, but also on the sides; a heating circuit is created and the food is cooked evenly. Ideal for delicate cooking, for sauces and generally for reduction cooking. Riveted brass long handle and side handles. For all cooktops except induction.

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