Iron Cookware

  • The essential MINERAL B steel range comes with a beech wood handle protected by beeswax, as for the pan body.
    Always essential for high temperature cooking, for sealing, frying and browning.

  • The ROBUST, PROFESSIONAL & RECYCLABLE - 100% natural - iron fry pan with protective beeswax finish against oxidation, which promotes seasoning and improves its non-stick performance.

  • The MINERAL B ELEMENT pan features a long handle in the shape of the Eiffel tower, as a tribute to Paris and the 'made in France' brand; it will enhance your kitchen and bring a touch of design.

  • Iron reaches high temperatures and spreads heat evenly, making it ideal for searing, browning and grilling food. It caramelises juices and enhances flavours. This professional quality model is made with thick iron that perfectly spreads heat from any cook top.

  • Discover a iron range that is lighter, easy to handle and use.