Non-stick Cookware

  • The Choc Extrême range is composed of cast aluminium cookware covered with a high end scratch-resistant non-stick coating, of professional and superior quality. Choc Extrême cookware has a high inertia capacity and is perfect for simmering and stewing. Range suitable for induction cooking.

  • Choc Ceramic is a professional and durable range. Its thick aluminium cookware provides excellent scratch resistance thanks to a high-end coating applied to a hard ceramic base for longer optimum non-stick properties.

  • The Choc Resto Induction pans are in thick aluminium and benefit from the same coating as that of the Choc 5 range: a very resistant 5 layer non-stick coating. Robust and with a bottom in ferritic stainless steel, the Choc Resto Induction range is suitable for induction.

  • Choc 5 is a range of cookware in thick aluminium covered with a durable non-stick coating made of 5 layers of PFOA-free PTFE. Robust professional quality cookware, designed for an intensive use. Ideal range for gentle and delicate cooking, for reheating and warming dishes.

  • The Choc 5 pan in coated aluminium has a beautiful ergonomic handle in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. Highly resistant non-stick coating, consisting of PFOA-free 5 layer PTFE coating. A professional quality pan perfect for original buffets, open kitchens or serving on the table.

  • Semi-professional aluminium range coated with a quality multilayer non-stick coating, designed for gentle and delicate cooking, for reheating and warming dishes.