Non-stick Cookware

  • A range made of thick aluminium with PFOA-free PTFE 5-layer coating. Its solid induction bottom is suitable for all heat sources including induction. Perfect for simmering, warming-up, cooking and readjusting pre-cooked dishes.

  • This range with a chic, industrial design com-bines a deep black base with gloss polished stainless steel handle and defi nitely does not compromise on performance.
    The forging process, undertaken during ma-nufacturing, makes the aluminum harder and more durable

  • A professional quality, non-stick cast aluminium range with reinforced coating and a magnetic base for induction cooking. Ideal for gentle and delicate cooking, slow cooking, warming up.

  • Elegance and performance collaborate to create CHOC B BOIS pans.
    Utensils are totally coated with a robust and high-performance nonstick coating.
    The beechwood and deep black color bring an urban look to the kitchen.

  • A professional non-stick range made with thick aluminium with high quality, multi-layer, non-stick coating. Ideal for gentle and delicate cooking, slow cooking, heating and warming up dishes.