Stainless steel Cookware

  • Resolutely vintage-looking  and hinting at childhood memories, the patinated finish of the range NOSTALGY confers it refinement and elegance.


  • An innovative ultra conductive material, with authentic fluid shapes, an elegant design and professional performance levels. Discover the Affinity cookware with exceptional performance on any cook top.

  • Discover ‘Milady de Buyer’, a stainless steel range with a magnetic diffuser base which spreads heat perfectly. Following the French tradition of long cast iron handles, de Buyer has updated the looks and the ergonomics, whilst maintaining the professional quality and handles which are fastened with rivets.

  • The monuments of Paris have been the inspiration of the long handles, side handles and lid handles for the French Collection line, providing design with ergonomics. The MONT BLEU collection is made of an ultra-diffusing multi-layer stainless steel material to provide exceptional cooking performance on any kind of cook top.

  • A professional quality stainless steel cookware with magnetic diffuser bottom that distributes heat evenly across the entire base of the container. Suitable for any source of heat, including induction.