Automatic dispensers LE TUBE

A definite taste for creativity


The de Buyer Tube is a multi-purpose pressure piston that will greatly facilitate the creation of all your desserts and pastries.

The de Buyer Tube will be the ideal accessory for thick preparations like creams, mousses, or choux pastry.


Quick, Precise, and Consistent Work

The Tube revolutionizes pastry bags as it allows you to fill, garnish, and decorate all your dishes with extreme precision in measurement.

Particularly easy to use, a simple press on the handle dispenses, thanks to its wheel with graduations, the precise amount of preparation.

Ideal for creams, thick mousses, cake batters, choux pastry, The Tube allows you to express your culinary and pastry creativity in all circumstances with the assurance of success in each of your recipes.

Our sets LE TUBE

Le Tube is available in various sets

The various accessories for LE TUBE

In addition to the Tube, discover all the complementary accessories available.

Each accessory can be purchased separately to complement your Tube as you use it.

Tritan Nozzles

Sablé Kit

Refills and Lids

Tritan nozzles

Usable with standard pastry bags, our Tritan nozzles are essential accessories specifically designed to fit perfectly with Le Tube. Made from high-quality Tritan, these nozzles are durable, reinforced, and structured to provide exceptional precision work. Their translucent black color gives them an elegant and modern look.

Available in over thirty different models, our Tritan nozzles offer you a multitude of possibilities to create the desired shapes: smooth, fluted, petits fours, Saint-Honoré, logs, nests, leaves, or for filling. Each nozzle is designed to ensure precise and consistent flow of your preparations.

Available for individual purchase or in sets, these assortments come with stackable storage support to facilitate storage.

Our Tritan nozzles individually

Our Tritan nozzle sets

Sablé kit

The Sablé Kit is the perfect accessory to complement Le Tube. This kit includes 13 stainless steel decorative discs and 2 lids. It provides additional functionality by transforming Le Tube into a convenient and versatile cookie press.

The stainless steel decorative discs offer a variety of patterns and shapes to add an artistic touch to your homemade cookies.

Simply choose the desired disc, place it at the end of the Tube, and secure it with one of the included lids. Then, by pressing the handle, you can easily extrude the cookie dough through the disc to create uniform cookies.

Refills and lids

Our additional refills are practical and versatile items, available individually. These refills have a capacity of 0.75 liters, allowing you to conveniently store your preparations. They are specially designed to be used with Le Tube, providing a convenient storage solution for your various culinary preparations.

We also offer practical lids for the reservoirs. These lids provide additional protection against leaks. They allow you to safely store your preparations and easily transport them without the risk of spilling their contents.

Our refills and lids

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