Mineral B Steel Pans

MINERAL B Collection 

Inherited from the French Gastronomy, the steel ustensil is emblematic of our grandmothers' cooking. 

Timeless, for searing, grilling, browning, its jealousy holds the secrets if the Maillard reaction: a caramelization of the natural juices of food on the surface and a softness inside. 

Naturally uncoated, improving with time, it is passed on from generation to generation. 

Made of steel plate protected with beeswax, Mineral B is natural and robust. 

Its flared and curved "lyonnaise" cut, flavors the sliding of food. The riveted, French-curved tail, is comfortable and far from the heat source. 

There is nothing better than steel to enhance the taste. 

Made in France for 200 years, the steel frying pan MINERAL B is the essential utensil for searing, grilling, browning for a healthy and tasty cooking. 

Naturally non-stick and guaranteed for life, it improves with time and is passed on from generation to generation. 

Natural, guaranteed for life and without coating ... There is nothing better than steel to enhance the taste.

The product:

  • Finished with French beeswax for an all-natural protection against oxidation and to facilitate the seasoning of the pan.
  • 100 % natural white steel sheet, 2.5 - 3mm thick, non-deformable even on induction and guaranteed for life. 
  • Without coating, it obtains its natural non-stick properties over times because the more the pan is used, the more it is seasoning and the less it sticks. 
  • Flared and curved "lyonnaise" bowl to facilitate food sliding. 
  • French-curved steel strip tail, its curvature keeps the hand away from the heat source and allows for better weight distribution when handled. 
  • Riveted mounts for an indestructible fitting. 

B as "Bee"

The bee represents life and its products have great natural virtues.

Beewax, suitable for food contact, was used in the past in the kitchen to protect tinned copper and timplate utensils. 

Since 2011, it protects the MINERAL B range of utensils against oxidation. This range has therefore become the symbol of our CSR commitment. 

In 2018, we installed beehives on our industrial site in Val d'Ajol. 

A pan that gets better with time

Upon unpacking the pan

Upon receipt, the pan has a smooth, silvery appearance. Thanks to its French beeswax coating, it is naturally protected against oxidation. 

It is therefore necessary to proceed the seasoning of the pan before using it for the first time to benefit from its natural non-stick properties. 

After seasoning and use

After the seasoning of the pan and with each use, the steel utensil will turn blue, black or varnish. This reaction is normal and ensures the natural non-stick properties of the steel pan MINERAL B. 

It will improve with time because the more it is used, the more it will season and the less it will stick. 

The MINERAL B variations

MINERAL B is available in various designs. Discover the different designs of the MINERAL B steel collection. 

MINERAL B Collection - fabrication 100 % made in France

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