FAQ and advices

How to choose your cooking utensil

"De Buyer utensils are to gastronomy what the French Academy is to the French language."
Hervé de Buyer

From knowing what you want to cook

Choose the utensil based on the dish you are cooking and the cooking method.

For instance: a fry pan to fry fritters, a saucepan to boil vegetables, a stewpan for ratatouille, etc.

Choosing the right material

The choice must be made based on the kind of food cooked, the cooking method and the source of heat used.

For example: for an induction plate, you must use a utensil designed with a magnetic material such as iron or ferritic stainless steel. 

To sear, fry meat, it is best to use a steel fry pan, which favours the Maillard reaction.

Please refer to the guide to materials.

Choose the right diameter

It is important to adapt the size of the utensil to that of the heat source and vice versa.

If the utensil's diameter is too big compared to that of the induction hob, burner, etc., this will lead to a poor distribution of heat inside the recipient, the food will not be cooked evenly and the utensil might warp.

On the contrary, when the diameter of the utensil is smaller than that of the heat source, this leads to a loss of heat. On gas hobs, there is a risk of burns due to the fact that the handles are closer to the fire.

On an induction plate, the plate might trigger a safety device, as a minimum diameter is required for the operation of each induction hob. Refer to the operating instructions of your plate for the min and max sizes accepted for induction hobs.