Oven tray with insulating double wall, non-stick steel


Oven tray with insulating double-wall made of coated iron, for a moderate rise in temperature that will keep the bottom of biscuits or cakes moist and not let them dry out.
Ideal for making cookies and macaroon shells. The tray is equipped with a handle for easy handling.
Even diffusion of heat and uniform cooking.
Functional and practical non-stick tray: PFOA-free PTFE guaranteed coating for easy mould release, without breaking or deforming; iron protection against oxidation; easy cleaning.
Grease the tray before use. Traditional oven cooking (max. 220°C). Not suitable for the microwave oven. Do not use metal objects.
Care: wash by hand (non-abrasive sponge). Not dishwasher-safe.

Internal dimensions
Ref Diam Long Larg Haut Cap
4714.00 0 0 0 0.3 0
External dimensions
Ref Diam Long Larg Haut Cap
4714.00 0 35.5 27.5 0
Maintenance & compatibility
Hand washing
Hand washing
  • Heat source - Oven
  • Material - Coated steel
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