Stainless steel Pascal spreader ideal for making chocolate decorations on cream cakes or desserts, for spreading or smoothing pastes, chocolate, cream... very quickly, with a single movement.
Perfect for assembling desserts upside down and for making chocolate shavings.
Height and width adjustable with butterfly screws: easy adjustment; used to distribute a preparation on any support of any size (on a frame or directly on baking paper / mat); height adjustment enables you to choose the thickness of the preparation.
Supplied with or without double cream-comb (depending on the model).
Detachable double comb with 2 different triangular teeth for making various decorations.
Even space between the teeth for a neat finish and uniform decorations.
Sturdy and durable.
Care: dishwasher-safe.

Internal dimensions
Ref Diam Long Larg Haut Cap
External dimensions
Ref Diam Long Larg Haut Cap
3002.99 0 0 0 0
3002.00 0 40.5 17 6.2
3002.01 0 42.5 17 6
Maintenance & compatibility
  • Material - Stainless steel
  • Variation - Decorating double comb with teeth