Steamer CUISINE BOX PRO, silicone


Cuisine Box Pro : silicone box for healthy and fast steam cooking of all types of food, including meat and fruit.
Simple use : fill the papillote with your chosen food and toppings, place in a traditional oven or microwave oven.
High quality silicone : withstands temperatures from -40°C to +280°C.
Black box: absorbs heat for a uniform distribution of heat; shorter cooking time.
Grooved bottom: prevents food from sitting in too much cooking juice.
Pouring spout: easy removal of excess juice.
Closing mechanism and inner edge: prevents splashing; retains the vapour within the papillote.
Does not pressurise. Do not use sharp objects. Do not use under a grill.
Care : dishwasher safe.
Capacity : 0.75L

Internal dimensions
Ref Diam Long Larg Haut Cap
1988.20 0 18.5 12 4 0.75
External dimensions
Ref Diam Long Larg Haut Cap
1988.20 0 23 14 7.5
Maintenance & compatibility
  • Heat source - Four et micro ondes
  • Material - Silicone