Bain-marie, stainless steel
Ref. 3111.14

Bain-marie, stainless steel

Ref. 3111.14



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Stainless steel container specially designed for cooking by bain-marie.
Simple to use: its shape enables it to be easily inserted in a container of heated water (saucepan).
Enables to cook milk, chocolate, sauces... by bain-marie.
Features stainless steel handle: provides stability to the container when in use.
Stainless steel handle welded at multiple points.
Hole for hanging, for fast draining and easy storage.
Finish: mirror polishing outside.
Dishwasher-safe. Occasional outer polishing with stainless steel special polishing paste to restore its original shine.
Available sizes: from 12 to 20cm. Supplied with lid. It is not suitable for induction cooking.

Dimensions et poids
  • Diamètre intérieur haut13.8 cm
  • Hauteur intérieure14 cm
  • Litrage utilisable2.1 L
  • Hauteur totale15.5 cm
  • Longueur totale28.5 cm
  • Largeur totale15.5 cm
  • Poids (Kg)0.51 kg
Maintenance & compatibility
  • Heat source - None
  • Material - Stainless steel
  • Variation - Ø 14cm
  • Diameter - Ø 14cm