Forest dessert


380 cm2 - 24 x 14 chocolate biscuit 

Chocolate joconde biscuit
  • 75g whole egg
  • 35g ground almond
  • 35g icing sugar
  • 10g type 55 flour 
  • 5g 100% cocoa
  • 30g/1 egg white
  • 5g caster sugar
  • 8g melted butter
Chocolate mousse
  • 300g double cream
  • 60g egg yolk 
  • 90g egg
  • 80g caster sugar
  • 22g water 
  • 200g chocolate 
Whipped vanilla ganache
(prepare the night before)
  • 2g gelatine + 10g cold water or 1 gelatine sheet
  • 60g white chocolate 
  • 130g double cream (+30 fat)
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • +105g double cream (+30 fat)


Chocolate joconde biscuit

Preheat the oven to 170°C 

Sift 5g of cocoa, 35g of icing sugar and 10g of flour together

Add 35g of ground almond

Melt 8g of butter

Add 1 egg white and 5g of sugar to a mixing bowl

In a bowl, whisk 75g of beaten eggs at maximum speed for 5 minutes until the mixture turns white

Gently fold in the dry ingredients and melted butter

Whip the egg white with the sugar and gently fold in with the spatula

Place the extendable frame set to 24 x 14 on a silicone mat and a perforated baking tray

Pour the mixture into the frame then bake for 12 minutes

Let it cool 

Chocolate mousse

Whip 300g of whipping cream into whipped cream, gradually increasing the speed and set aside

Melt 200g of dark chocolate in a bain-marie to obtain a smooth and shiny texture

In a saucepan, add 22g of water and add 80g of sugar and bring to a boil

In your food processor's bowl, whisk 60g of egg yolk and 90g of whole egg at maximum speed

When the syrup reaches 114°C, reduce the food processor speed, pour the syrup the length of the bowl and immediately turn up to maximum speed for 3 minutes

Add the cooled melted chocolate and mix

Pour the chocolate sabayon over the whipped cream and mix gently with a spatula

Assembling the dessert

Pour the chocolate mousse over the biscuit 

Set aside in freezer for at least 12 hours

Whipped vanilla ganache

The night before

Prepare the gelatine 15 minutes before starting

For the gelatine sheets, soak 1 sheet in VERY cold water

For the gelatine powder, weigh 2g, add 10g of cold water and let it stand in the fridge

Simmer 150g of double cream with the seeds from a vanilla pod

Melt 60g of white chocolate in a bain-marie 

Add the gelatine to the hot cream, mix then pour it in three batches over the chocolate and mix with a whisk or spatula to fold it in 

Add 105g of cold cream and mix evenly

Cover with clingfilm, in direct contact with the ganache's surface, and set aside in the fridge until the next day


Take the whipped ganache out of the fridge and pour the mix into the chilled bowl of your food processor

Whisk at medium speed for about 3 minutes to obtain a fairly thick texture; the ganache must be able to pass between the wires of the whisk. Make sure you don't whip the ganache for too long so it doesn't turn grainy

Add to a piping bag or Le Tube fitted with a plain round nozzle (10mm or 12mm)


Take the dessert out of the freezer

Using a blowtorch or a hot cloth, remove the stainless steel frame

Flock immediately with a velvet glaze spray (optional)

Pipe small "Christmas trees" with the whipped vanilla ganache to give an impression of the forest on top of the dessert 

Let it defrost for at least 6 hours in the fridge

Bring to room temperature 15 minutes before serving

The result

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