Baking tray oblique edges, stainless steel
Ref. 3361.40

Baking tray oblique edges, stainless steel

Ref. 3361.40
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Stainless steel baking tray with oblique edges used for storing food, handling and cold work (refrigerating, freezing, deep and blast-freezing)
Ideal for the elegant presentation of dishes and pastries thanks to its high-end mirror polish.
It can also be used for certain non-delicate baking.
To be used with a silicone mat or baking paper for cold forming (easier mould release) and cooking.
It can provide support for de Buyer moulds, rings and metal frames.
Resistant to very low temperatures and humidity.
Robust: sturdy and undeformable tray.
Hygienic: easy to keep clean.
Care: dishwasher-safe. Occasional polishing with special stainless steel polishing paste to restore shine.

Dimensions et poids
  • Longueur intérieure37.5 cm
  • Largeur intérieure27 cm
  • Hauteur intérieure0.7 cm
  • Hauteur totale1 cm
  • Longueur totale40 cm
  • Largeur totale30 cm
  • Poids (Kg)0.9 kg
Maintenance & compatibility
  • Heat source - Oven
  • Material - Stainless steel
  • Variation - 40x30cm
  • Materials - Stainless steel
  • Dimensions - 40x30cm