Iced Mojito and pistachio Yule log

The Iced Mojito and Pistachio

By Jonathan Mougel


For 1 log -about 8 portions

Log mould 30 cm ref 3206.30 + mini log mould ref 3206.04

Choux pastry biscuit

  • 65 of Milk
  • 35 gr of Butter
  • 66 gr of Flour
  • 3 gr of vanilla extract
  • 40 gr of ground almonds
  • 45 gr of eggs
  • 80 gr of egg yolks
  • 127 gr of egg whites
  • 33 gr of sugar
  • 16 gr of invert sugar (or honey)
  • 50 gr of pistachio paste

Lemon-lime filling

  • 45 gr of lime juice
  • 40 gr of lemon juice
  • 2 gr lime zest
  • 90 of sugar
  • 36 gr of egg yolks
  • 54 gr of eggs
  • 144 of butter
  • 2 gelatin sheets
  • 5 gr of white rum

Iced Mint/Pistachio Mousse

  • 150 gr of milk
  • 25 gr of fresh mint
  • 5 gr of pistachio paste
  • 40 gr of egg yolks
  • 20 gr of sugar
  • 3 gelatin sheets
  • 100 gr of white chocolate
  • 240 gr of cream

Jellied Mint chantilly cream

  • 100 gr of cream
  • 35 gr of fresh mint
  • 40 gr of icing sugar
  • 3 gr of gelatin
  • 400 gr of cream


Choux pastry biscuit (for 1 sheet 40x30cm) :

Make a classic choux pastry with the milk, butter, flour, eggs and yolks.

Incorporate the meringue (egg whites, sugar and invert sugar)

Add the ground almonds. 

Spread to thickness of 4 mm on Silpat. 

Bake at 175°C for about 8 minutes.

Cool and leave to rest before turning out. 


Lemon-lime filling (250 g) :

Heat the juice with the zest.

Strain through a fine-mesh strainer.

Add the sugar, yolks, eggs and bring it all to the boil for 2 minutes

Add the butter and the melted gelatin.

Add the white rum and mix.

Pour into a mini U-mould lined with cling film.


Iced Mint/Pistachio Mousse :

Infuse the milk and mint for 30 minutes

Correct the weight of the milk

Make a custard by bringing the milk, pistachio paste, egg yolks and sugar to 85°C.

Add the gelatin sheets and pour over the white chocolate.


Add the whipped cream when it reaches 23°C.


Jellied mint Chantilly cream :

Infuse for 30 min.


Heat the cream, add the icing sugar.

Melt the gelatin and add to the mixture.

Add the cold cream and mix.

Set aside and cool for 12 hours.


Assembly and finishing :

Cut out the pistachio and lime biscuit and position in the assembled log mould. 

Pour on the iced mint/pistachio mousse.

Add the lemon/lime cream. 

Seal with the biscuit strip. 


Unmould and pipe over the Mint Chantilly using a flat nozzle. 

Decorate with mint and lime leaves. 

Serve frosted!

The result

Jonathan Mougel

Winner 2019 of the prestigious competition Best Pastry Craftsman of France, Jonathan Mougel’s pâtisserie is the embodiment of taste, mind and pleasure. Innovation highlights his thirst for creativity, and his mission in R&D for PatisFrance-Puratos for over 15 years has taken him to further his commands, enhancing his passion for research, experiments and discoveries.

Since his beginnings, Jonathan finds reward in teaching pastry. His inner sense of passing on knowledge echoes his values, fulfilling his approach, rising pastry from craft to art.

Gifted searcher, his drive keeps challenging him to unrelentlessly unveiling new horizons to elevate pastry

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