Dredgers perfect for sprinkling icing sugar evenly, as well as flour, cocoa, cinnamon, coconut powder, spices, granulated sugar.
Dredgers with holes: small holes, and large holes ideal for spices. Entirely in stainless steel.
Mesh dredger: stainless steel tigh mesh for fine sieving.
Dredgers with easily removable bayonet lid.
The lid remains firmly in place when closed, for a safe use.
The container is made with stainless steel and can be used to store powder-based food without altering their properties.
Care: dishwasher-safe.

Internal dimensions
Ref Diam Long Larg Haut Cap
External dimensions
Ref Diam Long Larg Haut Cap
4783.00N 7.2 0 0 13.7
4783.01N 7.2 0 0 13.7
4783.02N 7.2 0 0 10
4783.03N 7.2 0 0 10
Maintenance & compatibility
  • Material - Stainless steel
  • Variation - Height 13cm - Holes Ø 1,5mm