Mandolines and slicers

  • DE BUYER developed a new strong professional mandoline slicer made of stainless steel. La Mandoline Vantage – designed and made in France- has a V-shaped sharp blade integrated on its frame to cut all types of fruit/vegetable even the softest ones.

  • The Mandolin Access focuses on the simplicity of use and combines efficiency and robustness.
    In one turn of hand, the serrated and straight blade and double Julienne blade will transform fruits and vegetables into various and varied cuts.
    Easy to use, wash and store.

  • Compact and lightweight, this little tool, KOMI, is particularly suitable for ultra-fine cutting.

  • Viper is a complete slicer designed to combine the complexity of cutting with easy and safe use. Its special stainless steel V-shaped cutlery blade slices perfectly. It is ideal for cutting any sort of fruit and vegetable, including the most delicate and soft ones. It is unique, it even dices tomatoes!

  • "La Mandoline REVOLUTION" range provide different cuts: cubes, lozenges, Juliennes, rounds or waffle cuts. Easy to use, this professional model is safe and solid with its stainless steel frame.
    They cut all fruits and vegetables, event the softness. 


  • The Mandoline SWING PLUS is a robust fruit and vegetable slicer for professional and domestic use. It lets you make numerous different preparations without any effort. Juliennes, waffle cuts, smooth or crinkle rounds.

  • Light and compact, the Kobra V AXIS slicer slices any kind of vegetable and fruit easily and precisely thanks to its micro-serrated V-shaped blade, which maintains the flesh and texture of the food.

  • Manual extractor to remove the core or the base from fruit and vegetables in a jiffy. Patented system.
    The extractor is available in three sizes enabling you to remove stalks, to core or to stuff any type of fruit or vegetable (tomato, potato, apple, pear, strawberry, onion, turnip ...).

  • The stainless steel tomato slicer is a robust professional utensil that can save a considerable amount of time. It lets you slice whole tomatoes (but also citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, etc.) in a single action.

  • The accessories of our Slicers - blades, combs, pushers, sliders... - are available as spare parts to complete certain models or to replace parts in certain cases.