Steel frying basket LA LYONNAISE
Ref. 5051.45N

Steel frying basket LA LYONNAISE

Ref. 5051.45N
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Frying basket designed for use with de Buyer rounded deep-fryers (ref. 5050).
Tinned wire basket used for frying food.
Tightly woven to ensure that no food, especially chips, fall into the rounded deep-fryer.
Has 2 handles which can rest on those of the deep-fryer to enable perfect drainage.
The oil must not touch the basket when it is resting on the handles of the deep-fryer.
Care: wash by hand with a non-abrasive sponge.
Not dishwasher-safe.

Dimensions and weight
  • Top inner diameter43 cm
  • Inner height13.5 cm
  • Total height14 cm
  • Total length59 cm
  • Total width43.5 cm
  • Induction base diameter29 cm
  • Weight (Kg)0.503 kg
Maintenance & compatibility
  • Heat source - None
  • Material - Stainless steel
  • Variation - Ø 45cm
  • Diameter - Ø 45cm