Ideas for delicious sweet and savoury combinations

Some ideas for delicious sweet and savoury combinations

by Michel Roth


1/ Fry a mushrooms mix (porcini is my favourite) with shallots and add a few nuts as a final touch!
2/ Fry some apples, pears, raisins and figs in olive oil. Deglaze with high-quality balsamic vinegar and finish off with a few nuts or chestnuts.


1/ Melt pieces of red kuri squash, carrot and sweet potato in olive oil with garlic, onion and raisins. Season with cumin and ras el hanout. At the end, add flaked almonds.
2/ Fry pineapple quarters in butter with star anise and vanilla. Add maple syrup and flambé with rum! Serve at room temperature.


1/ Put peas, asparagus, beans and morel mushrooms in a frying pan and season with verbena.
2/ Quickly fry with butter, deglaze a few cherries with balsamic vinegar and add a few pistachios. It can be served just warm with a side of pistachio ice cream.


1/ Toss some courgettes, mixed coloured peppers, cherry tomatoes and fresh garlic in olive oil and finish off by adding black olives and fresh basil at the very end.

The testimony of Michel Roth

It seemed like a natural fit and I feel very connected to DE BUYER. This company embodies the history of our region, a history of family tradition which is being modernised but which maintains a solid foundation. The people working there act as if they’re making pans for themselves. I can see the values I appreciate at DE BUYER: precision, simplicity, respect, work, craftsmanship, and an attachment to the region. There’s a level of excellence while maintaining humility. That’s rare, and that’s what makes the difference. Those values are also what I look for in my teams; everybody is working with a sense of sincerity.



Michel Roth

Michel Roth is one of the most accomplished chefs in the world, having been awarded some of the most prestigious titles in French gastronomy: in 1985 he won the Pierre Taittinger International Culinary Prize, before receiving the Bocuse d’Or and Meilleur Ouvrier de France titles in 1991. Michel Roth represents the epitome of haute cuisine and excellence.
Originally from the Grand Est, a region of France which he holds particularly dear, Roth shares strong values with DE BUYER.

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