Removable Collection LOQY

Every material and every flavor in a Snap


Switch from a steel pan to a stainless teel or non-stick pan easily, thanks to our new removable clip-on mechanism


Inspired by our professionals, it makes no concessions on the control of the gesture nor on the comfort of the grip.

A removable handle that makes all the difference

Because movement matters, the removable handle takes up the ergonomic of the emblematic "à a française" curved handle, with the precision and comfort that can be found in the non-removable de Buyer ranges used by professionals.

Its simple attachment system allows a one-handed handling, reassures thanks to its 'click' locking system and allows safe cooking gestures. Its two attachment points provide stability. A single piece of cast stainless steel is used for a durable product with a lifetime guarantee.

Because material matters, the LOQY removable handle adapts to the 3 complementary and essential materials of cooking, steel, stainless steel and non-stick, in order to offer the most suitable material for each type of cooking, even the most delicate.

Our LOQY handle and side handles

LOQY Collections

The LOQY removable system is availabe on 3 emblematic de Buyer Collections


Muti-Ply Stainless Steel


Carbon Steel




The ALCHIMY LOQY collection is the perfect combination between the requirements of Chefs and the needs of cooks on a daily basis.

Multi-purpose utensil, the multi-layer stainless steel ensures a control of the cooking thanks to the homogeneous conduction of the temperature on all the utensil and also confers a strong reactivity, as well to the rise, as to the fall.

Ideal for cooking in water, simmering, sauces, creams and reductions, frying ...

Our ALCHIMY LOQY utensils


The MINERAL B LOQY collection is a heritage of French gastronomy, symbolizing the steel kitchen utensil emblematic of our grandmothers' cooking. Naturally uncoated, wear-resistant and improving with time, it has been passed down from generation to generation.

The steel pan is ideal for searing, grilling and browning. Perfect for meats, fish on the skin, potatoes, soft omelets, etc.

It holds the secrets of the Maillard reaction which gives a caramelization of the natural juices of the food on the surface and a softness on the inside.

The MINERAL B LOQY pan has a white steel sheet body coated with beeswax, 2 stainless steel bases firmly riveted,  induction compatible and made in France.

Our MINERAL B LOQY utensils

Choc Extrême LOQY Collection

CHOC EXTREME LOQY is made of die-cast aluminum with a high-quality non-sitck coating. It offers good heat distribution and great resistance to deformation and abrasion.

The even, controlled cooking provided by the thick cast aluminum allows for gentle cooking of delicate dishes such as fish. The exceptional slipperiness of the coating allows cooking with very little fat.