Round pastry mould removable, non-stick steel
Ref. 4844.20

Round pastry mould removable, non-stick steel

Ref. 4844.20
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Disassemblable round pastry mould in coated iron ideal for baking cakes, desserts, sponge cakes, cheesecakes...
Can be fully disassembled thanks to its hinge mechanism: easier mould release.
Quick and simple assembly of the mould, maximum sealing: the cake dough does not leak.
Excellent cooking results thanks to iron: the moulds reach high temperatures, enabling the juices to caramelise.
Even diffusion of heat and uniform cooking.
Functional and practical non-stick mould: PFOA-free PTFE guaranteed coating for easier mould release, steel protection against oxidation and easy cleaning.
Grease the mould before use.
Traditional oven cooking (max. 220°C).
Not suitable for the microwave oven. Do not use metal objects in the tin.
Care: wash by hand (non-abrasive sponge).

Dimensions et poids
  • Diamètre intérieur haut20 cm
  • Hauteur intérieure6.5 cm
  • Diamètre extérieur20.2 cm
  • Hauteur totale6.8 cm
  • Longueur totale22 cm
  • Poids (Kg)0.33 kg
Maintenance & compatibility
Hand washing
Hand washing
  • Heat source - Oven
  • Material - Coated steel
  • Variation - Ø 20cm
  • Materials - Non-stick
  • Diameter - Ø 20cm
  • Shape - Rond
  • Fixe ou amovible - Amovible