FAQ and advices


What is the use of a mandoline?

A mandoline is a cutting utensil that is essential to kitchens:

  • Mandolines enable to slice, cut into Julienne or into diamonds, small or large amounts of fruits and vegetables fast.
  • Easy to use and safe thanks to the pusher that equip all de Buyer mandoline models.
  • Mandoline blades enable precise and neat cuts.
Can I cut myself with a mandoline?

Mandoline blades are extremely sharp. To guarantee a safe use, it is necessary to use the pusher provided with each mandoline. Jam the fruit our vegetable to cut between the pusher and the mandoline. Then, slice or cut into pieces safely.

What is the difference between V blades and straight blades?

A V blade is perfect to cut fruits or vegetables as well as products with a soft flesh and a thick or hard skin (for example: tomatoes, kiwis…). The blade penetrates the fruit or the vegetable without crushing it while preserving its flesh composition, and enables to make fine and neat slices.

A straight blade has the same use as a kitchen knife. It is ideal to cut firm fruits or vegetables, but it isn’t suitable for tomato cuts and slices.

What is the difference between plastic mandolines and mandolines made of stainless steel?

Stainless steel mandolines are designed for a professional use. Stainless steel is a solid material that resists perfectly to frequent and intensive uses. It is also very easy to clean and enables perfect hygienic conditions.

Plastic mandolines are thought to be used by the general public. Extremely simple to use, they are also easy to clean and to handle since plastic is a light material.

Do blades wear out? Must I sharpen them? Can I change worn out blades?

As for all knife, blades wear out over the uses. De Buyer sharpener specially designed for mandolines blades will enable you to restore and preserve their sharpness.

Should the blades be defective because of many uses, you can buy them individually at our retailers’ and replace the old ones, except for V blades as they are directly integrated into the frame of the mandolines and cannot be changed.

Why is there sometimes a slight remaining waste when using my mandolin with straight blades ?

In order to meet the demand of consumers and users we decided to make it possible to use several sizes of Julienne blades with the same mandolin. That’s why the chariot has to remain a little higher above the tray when making the small julienne, which involves this remaining waste. This stems from the safety system of the chariot (sliding on the rail) that we put in place to avoid you any injury. In order to guarantee the sliding of the chariot above the blades (and therefore above the largest blade) without damaging them we needed some space. That’s why a thin sole remains.