Cook with feet in the grass!

When it's finally summer, we all love to cook outside.
Whether it's on a grill, pizza oven or firepit, people love cooking outside during the best weather of the year.

When thinking about cooking, de Buyer utensils are essential, even for outdoors.

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A tight and very Frenchy partnership

DE BUYER teams up with the company LE MARQUIER to complete its line of #OUTDOOR utensils.

La maison LE MARQUIER fabrique avec passion des planchas, des barbecues et des accessoires de cheminée de haute qualité depuis 1971.

Common values naturallyunite the 2 French manufacturers:
passion for cooking & commitment to quality sustainable products designed to share moments of joy with family and friends.

Discover the #OUTDOOR product selection.


Through its 6-episode webseries "Tout Feu Tout Rieffel", de Buyer and Nicolas Rieffel give you some quick and easy recipe ideas for cooking delicious meals, with feet in the grass.

Our #OUTDOOR recipes

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