Crimp a pie crust

Crimping a crust gives your traditional recipes, both sweet and savory, a more refined look (Quiche Lorraine, onion tart, apple pie...)



Tips & Advics

Roll out pastry.
Place tart ring on pastry and cut around it with a knife, measuring twice the height of the ring: if your ring is 2 cm high, cut 4 cm away from the edge.
Roll up the pastry dough around the rolling pin and place it on top of your ring.
Push pastry inside while pinching the edges so that the edges are thicker.

Crimp the edges using two fingers (1) or a crimper.Using your thumb, slightly detach pastry from the outer edge (2) : with this process, the edge of the pastry is slightly folded inside and your pie will be easier to unmold when ready.

Discover the simple steps to take to make a pie with a rolled edge circle.


Perforated ring with round-off edges

Height 2 cm
3093.06 Ø 6 cm
3093.08 Ø 8 cm
3093.10 Ø 10 cm
3093.22 Ø 22 cm
3093.24 Ø 24 cm
3093.26 Ø 26 cm
3093.28 Ø 28 cm

How to crimp a pie crust ?

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