Our Factory

The company

Downstream of the Combeauté river in the heart of Vosges, an industry is flourishing, born from a tale of heritage and skills passed down through the generations. Despite the bumpy passage of the time, the de Buyer family company office and workshops remain a constant.

Around 200 years ago, the company was producing cutlery in a small smithy in Val d’Ajol from metals mined in the local area. 

Working with culinary professionals to develop its industry knowledge and produce ‘true’ utensils, the company is ahead of the curve when it comes to technical developments and is the only manufacturer to work with a range of materials (steel, coated aluminium, stainless steel, copper etc.) corresponding to the different cooking methods that characterise traditional French cuisine.


The evolution of consumer needs and the development of household appliances drove the company to innovate in order to adapt and improve the quality of its household products

For several years now, demanding passionate, exigent and gourmet private have been granted the experience and skillness of de Buyer and could enjoy moments of pure gastronomic happiness.

For 200 years, knowledge and expertise have been passed down via word of mouth, from parent to child; each new generation continuing to refine the different stages of the manufacturing process. The roles of the stamper, polisher, blacksmith, shearer, cutter, hammerer, miller, turner, adjuster, groover, welder, riveter, boilermaker, shear-former, programmer, marker, injector, draper, assembler and conditioner have all evolved with time. Manual skills go hand in hand with innovative techniques: good hands make good products.

An intensive apprenticeship is required to learn these "homegrown skills", a process similar to that undertaken by trainee chefs…

The latter are on the hunt for products that are both strong and precise so that they can "master" the cooking process and the preparation of their creations. They equip themselves with de Buyer tools that they refer to as "Faymont". Their professional endorsement is an asset to the company as it corroborates our skills with the general public.