L’Atelier des Arts Culinaires

1 place, 3 activity hubs, 8 top electrical appliance and cooking tool brands. Come and discover a friendly space devoted to Culinary arts where you can find tips, know-how and quality products. Ancient crafts and leading industries intertwine to form a subtle harmony. Surprising at first, no doubt unusual, always warm and welcoming..

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L’École des Gourmets

Welcome Gourmets!

The school for gourmets
People learn how to cook in a relaxed atmosphere: simple gestures, chef's tips, little secrets for successful dishes, whether they are big or small! Eggs, fish, sauces, foie gras... are good excuses to master techniques and recipes. Fairly easy with Geneviève Lenain! With a number of diplomas, including some from the Ecole Ferrandi, this chef has built her career by working for prestigious caterers: Flo Prestige, Potel & Chabot, Rosell… and she opened her school 9 years ago in an authentic and gourmet neighbourhood, not far from Marché d'Aligre…

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Founded in 1986 upon the initiative of Paul BOCUSE, Euro-Toques is an association of chefs officially recognised by the European Commission. It operates to ensure that culinary heritage and food are preserved in European institutions.
In France, the 250 Euro-Toques chefs rally to guarantee consumers fresh, seasonal produce and the processing of these products on site.
Euro-Toques is headed by Didier Peschard.

At Euro-Toques our lobby are the products!

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Agence du Don en Nature

Agence du Don en Nature, a recognised general interest association that fights exclusion and waste, collects new non-food products from companies, stores them and gives them back to the poor through local associations (500 partner organisations fighting against exclusion and poverty in France). Our credo: "Less waste, more sharing".

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Michalak Masterclass

The Masterclass is designed for 12 people in a formula of 3 hours. With my chefs, we discover variations on a choice of dessert: iconic, traditional, modern, French or from another country around the world. Without forgetting my best recipes, according to the season, places I have visited, people I have met... I'll look forward to welcoming you in my home to spend a pleasant time together.

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The roots of Elle & Vire are in Normandy (France), an outstanding region renowned at an international level for the quality of its pasture and milk.
Since 1947, between the rivers Elle and Vire, the company has been producing high quality dairy products with an authentic taste, whose technical characteristics meet the needs of the most demanding chefs and contribute to the well-being of consumers.
Operating in more than 120 countries worldwide, the brand offers a varied range of products, such as cream, butter, desserts, cheese and milk.

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Club Gastronomique Prosper Montagné

The Prosper Montagné Gourmet Club is the only club that brings together all the professionals working in the catering trade and gastronomes.
The purpose of our association is to continue the work of Prosper Montagné, chef, writer and inventor of the 'Cuisines Roulantes', horse-drawn camp kitchens for soldiers in the 1st World War (these kitchens meant that infantryman could have a hot meal during the battles).
We want to preserve the transmission of knowledge to the younger generations, as well as the values ​​of French expertise.
The Club has been holding a cooking competition since 1950 and some of the winners went on to have extraordinary careers. Joël Robuchon, Guy Legay, Marc Marchand…, the competition for the Best Seafood specialist – the Léon Beyer Award is held every year at the Coupole in Paris.
A competition devoted to cold pork meat was created in 2014.
Prosper Montagné's saying that "You can only do something good with something very good" is always a leitmotiv for us and our members.

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Cifhor - International Training Centre for Hospitality and Restoration

CIFHOR (International Training Centre for Hospitality and Restoration) is a young structure whose ambition is to share with professional and passionate cooks the most recent advanced training in French culinary culture.

Its offer consists in:

  • A unique combination of an educational digital platform for education and face to face sessions.
  • A team of high-level trainers, several of them being awarded with the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France title.
  • A national and international network
  • World-class facilities in the Strasbourg, Paris and Nice areas: Catering, classrooms, bar, application restaurant.

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Within the NESTLÉ group, NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL is a dedicated organization, which is focused on developing & implementing Out Of Home Food and Beverage Solutions.

Relying on strong brands such as CHEF®, MAGGI®, NESTLÉ Docello™ and NESCAFÉ®, NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL provides, beyond product quality, creative and concrete solutions to Professionals in order to help them innovate and satisfy their guests.


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“Maîtres Restaurateurs” qualification is a will of the State and professionals alike to identify and value restaurateurs that show:

  • Renowned professional skills
  • A commitment to work with raw food products which are essentially fresh

The State, represented by prefects, grants this qualification on the basis of an independent audit.
The goal is not to devalue some forms of catering. Indeed, this qualification aims at enabling consumers to identify restaurateurs by trade and to reassure them on the nature of the service delivered.
This association located in BERCY was founded to gather all awarded restaurateurs regardless their origins.

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Thanks to Food’n Chefs, food professionals share their know-how with the gourmet community.
Internet users come and surf on “Food’n Chefs” ’s website in a curious or gourmet research.
There, they have the opportunity to try their hand at following illustrated recipes made by professionals.

Here is a user-friendly community to be joined as soon as possible!

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